How To Create An Svg File In Paintshop Pro

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Creating SVG images has never been easier with the advent of PaintShop Pro. This versatile program allows you to design and produce high-quality vector graphics quickly and easily. Whether you’re a professional designer or just getting started with vector graphics, PaintShop Pro makes it easy to create graphics that look great online or in print.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create an SVG file in PaintShop Pro. We’ll walk you through the steps of creating a simple image and exporting it as an SVG file. Once you understand the basics, you’ll be able to create more complex vector images and export them to SVG.

Step 1: Open PaintShop Pro

The first step is to open PaintShop Pro. To do this, simply double-click the icon on your desktop or find it in the program list on your computer. Once the program is open, you’ll be presented with the main window.

Step 2: Create Your Image

Now you’re ready to create your image. To do this, you can either start with a blank canvas or open an existing image. If you’re just getting started, we recommend starting with a blank canvas. To do this, select “New” from the File menu and then choose the size of your canvas. Once you’ve done this, you can start drawing your image using the various drawing tools.

Step 3: Export Your Image As An SVG File

Once you’ve created your image, it’s time to export it as an SVG file. To do this, select “Save As” from the File menu. In the “Save As” window, select the “SVG (*.svg)” file type. Then, select a location to save your file and enter a name for your file. When you’re done, click “Save” to export the file.

Step 4: Open The SVG File In Your Browser

Once you’ve exported your file, you can open it in your browser to view it. To do this, simply double-click the file or open it with your web browser. You should now be able to view the file in your browser. If you’re using a modern browser, the file should display correctly.

Step 5: Edit The SVG File

Now that you’ve created your SVG file, you can edit it if you wish. To do this, simply open the file in a text editor or in a vector graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. You can then make any changes you wish to the file and save it. Once you’ve saved the file, you can open it in your browser to view the changes.


Creating SVG images with PaintShop Pro is a quick and easy process. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can create an SVG file in no time. Once you’ve created your file, you can open it in your browser or edit it with a vector graphics program. We hope this tutorial has been helpful and that you’re now able to create SVG images with PaintShop Pro.