Create Svg Icons In Photoshop

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In recent years, there has been a huge surge in the use of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) icons, which are being used to create logos, symbols, icons, and other visual elements. SVG icons are popular among web developers because they are easy to create, scaleable, and responsive on different screen sizes. Photoshop is a powerful graphic design tool and is one of the most popular programs used by designers. With Photoshop, it is possible to create SVG icons with a few simple steps.

What is SVG?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, which is a type of vector-based image format. The main advantage of using SVG is that it can be scaled to any size without losing its quality or resolution. Unlike bitmap images, which are made up of a grid of pixels, SVG images are made up of geometric shapes and paths. This makes them ideal for creating logos, symbols, icons, and other visual elements that need to be resized without loss of quality.

How to Create SVG Icons in Photoshop

Creating SVG icons in Photoshop is fairly straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Create a New File

The first step is to create a new file. In Photoshop, click on File > New, and then enter the desired size for the icon. You can choose either pixels or inches, depending on your preference. Make sure to select the “Transparent” mode so that the icon has no background. Once you’re done, click “OK” to create the file.

Step 2: Draw the Icon

Now it’s time to draw the icon. In Photoshop, use the Pen tool to draw the shape of the icon. When creating an SVG icon, it’s important to use vector shapes and paths, as these will be converted into SVG code. Once you’ve created the icon, use the Fill and Stroke tools to give it the desired color and outline.

Step 3: Save the Icon

Once you’ve finished creating the icon, it’s time to save it. In Photoshop, click on File > Save As and then select the “SVG” format. You can also choose to save the icon as an Illustrator file, which will allow you to make additional edits in the future. Once you’ve saved the file, it’s ready to use.


Creating SVG icons in Photoshop is easy and straightforward. With a few simple steps, you can create professional-looking icons that are scalable, responsive, and can be used on any website or application. Whether you’re a web developer or a graphic designer, SVG icons are a great way to add visual elements to your projects.