Creating An Svg In Photoshop Cs6

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Photoshop CS6 is an amazing tool for all kinds of digital art projects. SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is a type of image format that is both versatile and easy to use. With Photoshop CS6’s ability to create and edit SVG files, graphic designers can easily create stunning images that scale up or down without losing any of their original quality. In this article, we will explain the basics of creating an SVG file using Photoshop CS6.

What is an SVG File?

An SVG file is a vector graphic, meaning that it is composed of shapes and lines rather than pixels. Vector graphics are resolution-independent, so they can easily be scaled up or down without losing any quality. This makes them ideal for use in web design, where they can be used to create logos, icons, and other graphics that need to be resized to fit different screen sizes.

Creating a New SVG File

To create a new SVG file in Photoshop CS6, open the program and select “File” > “New” from the menu bar. This will open the “New” dialog box. In the “Preset” box, select the “SVG” option from the drop-down menu. In the “Name” box, enter a name for your new SVG file.

Setting the Document Size and Background Color

In the “Width” and “Height” boxes, enter the size of your new SVG file. You can also select from a list of standard sizes in the “Size” box. In the “Background Contents” box, select the color that you would like your SVG file to have. You can also choose to create a “Transparent” background. When you’re finished, click “OK” to create your new SVG file.

Editing Your SVG File

Once your new SVG file is created, you can begin editing it. Photoshop CS6 offers a variety of tools to help you create your vector graphic. The “Pen” tool can be used to create shapes and lines, while the “Brush” tool can be used to create softer edges and gradients. The “Eraser” tool can be used to remove parts of your vector graphic.

Adding Text to Your SVG File

Photoshop CS6 also offers a variety of text tools that can be used to add words and phrases to your SVG file. To add text, select the “Type” tool from the Tools panel and click and drag to create a text box. You can then type in the words and phrases that you would like to add to your SVG file. You can also change the font, size, color, and other characteristics of the text.

Saving Your SVG File

When you’re finished editing your SVG file, you can save it for use in other programs or for web design. To save your SVG file, select “File” > “Save” from the menu bar. In the “Save As” dialog box, select the “SVG” option from the “Format” drop-down menu. Enter a name for your file, and click “Save” to save your file.


Creating an SVG file in Photoshop CS6 is a relatively simple process. With its easy-to-use vector graphic tools, anyone can quickly and easily create stunning vector graphics. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create your own SVG files and use them in a variety of projects.